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Bird Paintings | 2009 - 2019

by Manuel Süess
Bird Paintings | 2009 - 2019 | Manuel Süess

Today, my bird paintings form a counterpart to my fiery, passionate dance paintings. But this wasn’t always the case as my bird painting series is much older than the one of my dance paintings. I painted my first bird paintings back in 2009. It started with paintings such as Memory and Babykauz.

Looking back, I am astonished about all the different kind of bird paintings I painted during the past decade. I used a lot of different techniques and colours. It started with simple and calm birds in blue and white. Later, my bird paintings got more expressive and colourful. They changed back and forth between those two extremes for some time. Today, they are back to the blue and white colour scheme, but they are far more expressive than at the beginning. Interestingly I mostly think about my bird paintings as they were at the beginning although they really changed a lot since then.

But one thing stayed always the same. I still admire their freedom and independence. They just have to spread their wings and can fly wherever they want to go. Therefore, a lot of my bird paintings were inspired by birds that I was able to observe in nature, some of them still visit my balcony and my garden from time to time.