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Dance! | Dance paintings from 2013-2019

by Manuel Süess
Dance! | Dance paintings from 2013-2019 | Manuel Süess

For a long time, dancing and foremost latin competition dance was one of my big passions. Although I wasn’t that successful at dancing competitions, I loved it and gained a lot of energy, motivation, passion and joy from practising it and starting at competitions. Therefore, it is very surprising that it took so long until I painted my first dance painting. Even a local newspaper wrote an article about me with the roughly translated title “The dancer who paints” years bevor I painted my first dance painting and some time bevor I got self-employed and opened my art studio. Back then dancing was my centre of everything.

But it still took years after I founded my art studio until my passion for dancing got into my painting. Actually, my first dance painting was mere a lucky coincident. As it is with abstract painting the creation of the artworks is not always that precise and planed. And there it was. That blur of colour. Yes, indeed close to the End of 2013 a blur of colour on one of my paintings reminded me of a wild passionate dancer.

The next day I tried to reproduce that blur of colour. As it is with abstract painting recreating a blur of colour can be much harder than you think it might be. But I succeeded. And you could say, the rest is history.

During those years my little dancers developed and developed themselves through different stages from wild abstract dancers to more technical dancers and back. But foremost I enjoy when they are able to awake memories and passion and put a smile on a viewer’s face.