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Review & Work Catalog 2015

by Manuel Süess

Review 2015

2015 Manuel Süess continued focussing on his colourful abstract dance paintings. He also conducted his art market study for the second time and got interesting results.

That year he painted less than usual. Manuel used a lot of time to review his current projects, to evaluate which have low potential of success, to terminate those and to get more time for the future development of his work and company. The decision was made to revive his bird series as addition to his dance paintings as his bird artworks sold well in the past. Besides other projects he shut down all of his blogs but “The Art Blog” and “Der Kunst Blog”.

2015 Manuel Süess created 13 paintings, 7 art print motives and more than 300 art cards. His artworks were shown in his art studio as well as at an international group show in Zurich, Switzerland.


Work Catalog 2015

Order Work Catalog 2015 as PDF.

Welcome in Red Town

by Manuel Süess

Welcome in Red Town

Welcome in Red Town, the vibrant suburban city where you won’t find cars but a lot of dancers dancing on the streets. The people of Red Town love to dance all day and all night. Everyone dances like no one is watching.

My little dancers are now living and dancing in their own city: Red Town. First paintings and prints with scenes of the live in Red Town are already available. More will follow. :)

New: Standardized Prices for my Original Paintings

by Manuel Süess

New: Choose and buy your favorite painting without comparing prices. Just choose and buy the one you like the most.

Now nearly all of my handmade, original paintings cost the same. (Exceptions: a.o. Babykauz and commissions) As in my opinion the matter of price of a painting is not about the size but about who made it and if it’s a one of a kind, handmade artwork.

Are you looking for a gift or a colorful artwork for your office or your home but a one of a kind, handmade painting is currently out of your budget? Check out my fine art prints.

My painting in 100 Bilder | 100 Künstler | 100 Werke | 5 | boesner Switzerland

by Manuel Süess

My painting No. 722 Auf der Strasse. Tanzen. (2014) has been featured in the recently published catalog 100 Bilder | 100 Künstler | 100 Werke of boesner Switzerland.

Discover the topics of my colorful abstract dance and bird paintings.

by Manuel Süess

My dance and bird paintings are not just beautiful abstract-figurative paintings of birds and dancers in strong colors. They often have also a profound meaning.

On one hand there are my dance paintings in red, orange and yellow acrylic colors full of energy and motivation visualizing passion, zest of life and vitality. On the other hand there are my blue bird paintings, refreshingly quiet and relaxing, visualizing topics like peace, freedom, relief and hope.

Both work series sometimes also overlap or even merge using trees as connecting link and connect air and earth with their roots and branches.

Despite all their differences together my dance and bird paintings complete one another to their own kind of harmony.


Bird Paintings

Dance Paintings

Peace, freedom, hope

Relief, rest, fresh start



Joy, passion, zest of life

Entertainment, vitality

Dance, move, live


Air, Water

Fire, Earth

Blue, White

Red, Orange, Yellow




I hope this overview will help you understanding my work. But besides all emotional reasons you can also gladly buy my paintings because they match perfectly with your furniture and beautifully complete your interior design.

By the way: You will find a short description to each painting on its detail page as well as a preview image to get an impression of how it may could look hanging in a room. You are also kindly invited to visit my art studio to view some of my paintings in real life.

Five Year Anniversary of ART by MANUEL SÜESS

by Manuel Süess

The fine art studio ART by MANUEL SÜESS celebrates its five year anniversary! :)

I founded my company by March 01, 2011. Five years have passed, five years with many exhibitions, solved obstacles and successes. Many more years will follow.

Did you know that on the site "All Paintings" you'll find the paintings sorted by years including my work catalogs and a short review of each year?

New Product Filter: Exhibitions

by Manuel Süess

I recently added a new product filter: exhibitions. You will find it on the left site of the page "All Paintings".

Additionally I also added the past exhibitions of an artwork to the detail pages of my paintings.

Auswertung Kunstmarktstudie 2015

by Manuel Süess
Die Auswertung meiner diesjährigen Umfrage ist erschienen.

Herzlichen Dank an alle die den Fragebogen ausgefüllt haben!

Sie finden die Auswertung hier:

Review & Work Catalog 2014

by Manuel Süess

Review 2014

December 2013 Manuel Süess was painting the last few paintings for an upcoming solo exhibition. After he finished his painting No. 659 Frühlingsgefühle II he stepped back and took a moment to look at it. Soon the abstract black colour stains vanished and he started to see couples dancing on the canvas. Manuel liked those little abstract dancers very much. He tried to reproduce them the following day and succeeded.

After he finished his paintings for the exhibition in spring 2014 he decided to start a new work series dedicated to his little abstract dancers. As time went by it became clear that he found the new main topic of his work in his beautiful abstract dance paintings.

2014 Manuel Süess created 69 paintings. His artworks were shown in several solo and group shows in Switzerland.

Work Catalog 2014

Order Work Catalog 2014 as PDF.

Visit my art studio in Rheinfelden

by Manuel Süess

Nr. 729 Auf der Skyline Tanzen II von Manuel Sueess

Did you know you can visit my art studio in Rheinfelden?

Just drop a line so we can fix a date for your visit at my studio exhibition.

I gladly will treat you to a cup of hot coffee of my La Pavoni coffee maker while showing you some of my paintings.

Have a nice day & see you soon at my art studio!