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My painting table | Where paintings get painted

by Manuel Süess
My painting table | Where paintings get painted

A view behind the scenes. My latest painting is waiting on my painting table for its next brush strokes. It’s a very useful table. Big and stable. You may ask, a painting table? Where is his easel? I don’t like working on easels. They are not stable enough, at least the ones I have seen so far. They are useful to present paintings to viewers though. But for painting I prefer my painting table. I received it when I moved to Horw. It was a welcome gift.

Back in Rheinfelden I painted on an improvised painting shelf. What? What’s a painting shelf? It was like a bookshelf but for painting paintings on top of it. It consisted of wooden boards and the top board, where I used to paint my paintings, was leaning diagonally against the wall. It was ok for painting on stretched canvas, but it would never have been stable enough for my earlier paintings on wood.

I created my paintings on wood directly on the floor. I painted on the floor for many years. I liked it and it was very useful for my wooden paintings as some of them were quite heavy. The bigger ones weight up to 20 kilograms. I painted on quite thick wooden boards. You could even step on them. Actually, I did. As they were big ones it was quite useful to sit and step on a painting when painting it. I just had to watch that I neither stood nor sat on fresh paint.

Unless I wanted to. Back then, I even painted some of my paintings by using my bare hands and feet as brushes.