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Inner strength (2011)

by Manuel Süess
Inner strength (2011) | Manuel Süess

My painting no. 345 innere Stärke (2011) was one of the five paintings of my Shanghai art fair 2011 collection. Later, in 2012, it was also presented at my exhibition «Emotions» in Vienna. «Innere Stärke» is German and means inner strength.

I painted this painting with acrylics on bamboo. The bamboo plate is two centimetres strong and measures 120x90cm. It weights about 20kg and is one of my heaviest paintings. I even was able to stand and knee on it while painting. Additionally, I used two centimetres strong aluminium painting hangers on the back. This assures that the painting seems to float in front of the wall if you look at it from the right direction. As it is a quite big painting, it needs a lot of space. A viewer should stand with some metres of distance of the painting while viewing it to be able to truly feel its emotional expression.

As you may noticed by reading its title, the painting’s topic is inner strength. Inner strength is needed by everyone of us to pass through the exams of everyday life. It also helps in difficult situations as well as to stand up again after failure stroke you down. Nonetheless, it isn’t wrong to let others help you every now and then.