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My dance painting no. 730 Im Tanzhaus (2014)

by Manuel Süess
My dance painting no. 730 Im Tanzhaus (2014)

My dance house invites you to come dancing. Young and old, little and big, red and blue, giraffes and elephants. Everybody is dancing. It doesn’t matter which dance you like. Every dance is allowed. From ballroom dancing to street dance, solo dancing and improv up to ballet. Dance like you enjoy most.

My dance painting no. 730 Im Tanzhaus (2014) celebrates the great diversity of dances and dancing. Don’t be shy. Dance like no one is watching. Don’t care what others are thinking. Enjoy the movement of your body and soul.

Im Tanzhaus means in English in the dance house. It is a painting of my acrylic-collage-mixed media series. Mixed media means that the artist combined different techniques when creating the artwork. For this dance painting I combined acrylic, collage and modelling paste techniques. The pieces of paper I used for the collage parts of the painting were painted with acrylic colours, too. As you may see, they are the main building blocks of my dance house. I used them as floors, stairs, window, door and even as the frame of a painting. Yes, on the wall of the top floor hangs an abstract painting inside my painting. A motive I used quite often in later paintings.

Watch out for the cat! Don’t step on her tail when entering my dance house. She likes sitting on the cosy doormat. If you look closely you will even find a fisherman in the basement window. He wants to lure the cat down and hopes he can animate her to dance, too. There is a lot going on in my fancy-dancy dance house.