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Hope (2019)

by Manuel Süess
Hope (2019) | Manuel Süess

My painting no. 826 Hoffnung (2019), Hoffnung is German and means hope, illustrates the everlasting emotional fight between hope for a better future and all the obstructions of everyday life.

The adventurer in the centre of the painting wants to get a grip on his life and tries everything to build a better tomorrow. The thorns and tendrils that were modelled with black modelling paste onto the canvas try even as hard to catch and stop him. But the battle-hardened knight doesn’t give up that easy. Cuts and scratches won’t stop him. His hope is that strong and the light inside of him is shining that bright.

This painting marks also the beginning of my new work series «abstract emotions» which picks up my early series « emotions» that I abandoned in 2013 and completes my artistic work with a completely abstract painting series.