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Dragiputz the art studio dragon

by Manuel Süess
Dragiputz the art studio dragon

Dragiputz, art studio dragon, chief of security and appointments.

If you dial my number, Dragiputz may answer the phone. As chief of security and appointments he keeps my phone often to himself. But don’t worry if no one answers. Dragiputz is probably dancing. As when no one is looking Dragiputz likes to dance to the ringing tune. Luckily my phone has an answering machine.

I know Dragiputz, my art studio dragon, since childhood. He is a very loyal dragon. For many, many years he hid in my parent’s attic. Some years ago, I helped my parents to clean the attic, Dragiputz saw his opportunity and sneaked down into the laundry room. As he is a very curious dragon, he climbed into the washing machine but not without turning it on beforehand. He enjoyed the ride. But as it was quite exhausting, he decided to rest for the following years on a rocking chair with view on Mount Pilatus.

In 2018 I moved from Rheinfelden back to Horw near Lucerne. One morning thereafter Dragiputz was standing in my art studio and proclaiming that from now on he will be my chief of security. Any protest was useless. He decided that one of my bar stools would be his new dragon’s horst as the view was perfect from there. To make it more comfortable he “found” a pillow and claimed it as his own.

Nowadays he likes sitting on his dragon’s horst for hours and hours to come enjoying the view on Mount Pilatus and Lake Lucerne.