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My painting no. 53 Babykauz (2009)

by Manuel Süess
My painting no. 53 Babykauz (2009) | ART by MANUEL SÜESS

Babykauz is one of my dearest paintings. Therefore, it is no surprise that he was the reason I created the price cathegory “Babykauz & Friends” which consists only of paintings that are important to me for some reason. If you want to buy one of them, you'll need deep pockets. Each one costs twenty thousand swiss francs. I don’t care if you can’t afford it as if you can’t pay the price, I gladly keep those paintings for myself :).

Babykauz was one of my first bird paintings. I painted him back in 2009. Back then I painted just for fun as I didn’t become a professional artist until 2011. I still enjoy painting for sure, but you may know what I mean as at the beginning painting felt quite different when I started to try to make a living out of it. Now then, back to my dear Babykauz. I painted him with blue acrylic lacquer on plywood. Acrylic lacquer is quite different than traditional acrylic paint for painting paintings. You use it normally for painting wooden furniture, window frames, garden fences and all kinds of home-made wooden things. But back in 2009 I painted most of my paintings with it. I liked it and I didn’t care that you normally don’t use it for painting paintings.

In my previous art studio in Rheinfelden Babykauz was presented for many years at a well visible spot. Currently he is sleeping in a box. Recharging for future activities. He was often admired by visitors. When I mentioned the price, they mostly immediately understood his worth. Who couldn’t? So adorable and amicable he is. My sweet little baby owl.