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Current Work | Abstract-figurative paintings by Manuel Süess

by Manuel Süess

Abstract-figurative dance paintings by Manuel Süess

In his current work Manuel Süess concentrates mainly on the development of his artisan skills to further improve the quality, expression and multi-dimensionality of his paintings.

Manuel combines abstract and figurative elements as well as different artistic approaches and techniques in his artworks. He creates the background of his paintings with strong colors and abstract shapes and crafts his figures with black grainy modelling paste on top of it. The contrast of the back- and foreground highlights the vivid sculptural appearance and the depth of his paintings.

His abstract figures are inspired by his first abstract dancers, his early linocut art cards and traditional Chinese paper cuts. Opposite to usual paper and linocuts Manuel doesn’t cut his figures out of the canvas but shapes them with modelling past on top of it. The spared areas of the figures let the background color shine through and accent the agility of the dancers, birds and horses.

Besides his popular dance paintings Manuel Süess also paints and creates abstract birds and horses. Although they are different work series he unifies them by using the same techniques. Each series has their own color palette and topics: dancers full of joy and passion in red and yellow, free, independent birds in blue and down-to-earth horses in green and brown.

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