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Abstract Emotions | 2019

by Manuel Süess
Abstract Emotions | 2019 | ART by MANUEL SÜESS

My abstract, expressive paintings are back. My new abstract pieces celebrate the rebirth of my old painting series «Emotions» and are called «Abstract Emotions».

Like most of us I created my first abstract art when I was a sweet little baby. Probably with chocolate in my own face. Many years passed since then. In 2008 I started to number my paintings. In 2009 I created my first abstract painting on wood. It was my painting number 6. Until 2012 I painted mostly on wood. I used nearly every piece of wood I could find or cheaply buy. I loved its structure and versatility. Back in 2009 I didn’t think about work series. I just painted as I liked, mostly abstract and emotional themes. During that year I painted more than 200 painting and applied for about the same amount of jobs.

Later, after I founded my own art company, I started to sort my paintings into series. The series «Emotions» formed the bucket for all my abstract, expressive and therefore emotional paintings. Many of them were shown at exhibitions in Switzerland, Vienna and Shanghai. 2013 I changed my painting medium from wood to canvas. That change was also the beginning of the end of my series «Emotions». It got replaced by my new work series «Text+Paint=Work». Paintings of which I was able to show internationally at exhibitions, too.

My abstract, emotional paintings are back.

2019 marked the year of the return of my abstract, expressive paintings. After an about a yearlong painting break during which I not only rethought my dance paintings but also noticed that I missed my wild, expressive, emotional paintings that led room for boundless experimentations. But as it is with emotions, those paintings do not only express happy thoughts but can also have a quite deep and thoughtful meaning.