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„For me, art is a form of expression. An artist shares his views, dreams, emotions, critiques … through his work – independent of form and medium – and enriches the life of those who feel spoken to.” Manuel Süess, 2014








Manuel Süess



ART by MANUEL SÜESS | Colorful abstract-figurative paintings

Discover Manuel's colorful paintings full of emotions, populated by life-affirming, abstract figures. His abstract artworks provide you with exclusive, colorful decoration and multifaceted, emotional entertainment for your living spaces. Order your favorite paintings online or visit Manuel Süess' art studio in Horw near Lucerne, Switzerland.

Do you have any question about Manuel's work? Feel free to contact us.

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Abstract emotions

«Abstract Emotions» continues Manuel’s past work series «Emotions». Paintings of his work series «Emotions» have been presented at exhibitions in Vienna and Shanghai.

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Joyful abstract dance paintings

Manuel Süess combines two of his passions in his dance paintings: dancing & painting.

Therefore his abstract dance paintings are full of joy and passion. They often put a smile on a viewer’s face.

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Abstract-figurative bird paintings

The bird paintings of Manuel Süess form a counterpart to his fiery, passionate dance art. They are calm, relaxing paintings.

The birds in Manuel's paintings express topics and emotions like freedom, independence, relaxation and relief.

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Entertaining novels

Besides his art work Manuel Süess writes entertaining stories.

»Das Planequarium-Experiment« is after »Der Buchhalter« (2012) already his second novel.

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Current, upcoming & past exhibitions & events

Visit exhibitions and events of Swiss artist Manuel Süess.

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Studio exhibition

Visit Manuel Süess at his art studio in Rheinfelden.

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