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Would you like to get cashback when shopping?

Whether you shop locally or online, join Cashback World and collect cashback and shopping points every time you shop at one of over 130'000 Cashback World loyalty merchants. Benefit on everyday purchases thanks to this international shoppers community. Join Cashback World & you may save money when shopping, too.


Find out more:

(Click on the blue button to open the Cashback World registration form.)



 Your benefits:

  • When you shop at one of the loyalty merchants - locally or online - for example at my art studio - you will get up to 5% of the money back (=cashback) from Cashback World. Thanks to its many members Cashback World receives a commission from the loyalty merchants which they share with you.
  • Additional to the cashback you receive shopping points which can be used for special deals and help you save even more money when shopping.


Cashback World:

  • has more than 130'000 loyalty merchants: Offline Stores & Online Shops (Books, Games, Cars, Clothing, Entertainment, Food & Beverages, Health & Beauty, House & Home, Restaurants & Bars, Sport & Fitness, Travel, ...) as well as my art studio :)
  • is available in 47 countries: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India and many more.
  • has already more than 12 million members. More and more join every day.
  • The best: You can join for free.


My recommendation:

  • Join Cashback World - free of charge - and check it out.
  • You may save money when shopping, too.

(Click on the blue button to open the Cashback World registration form.)



Do you want to join Cashback World? Click here: Join Cashback World | Register for free.

As your recommender I will receive a friendship bonus when you are able to benefit from cashback and shopping points.

Do you have a question about Cashback World? Feel free to ask!