No. 307 Neujahr - Altbeginn (2011)

One of a kind
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One of humans most loved habit. It is New Year’s Eve; tomorrow I will stop that and that and do that and that and that and that, thatatharath. But just some hours later all is forgotten. So if you want to change yourself just do it when you are ready to do it and don’t keep it for every year’s New Year’s pledge.

Manuel Süess made his painting no. 307 Neujahr - Altbeginn 2011 in Rheinfelden, Switzerland.

40x55cm (HxW) | Abstract Painting | Acrylics on wood | with aluminium painting hanger


  • 2012, Solo Show "Emotions", The gallery Steiner, Vienna, Austria

Additional Details

Original Paintings: All original paintings are signed, numbered, one of a kind, handmade artworks.

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